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June 1, 2017
Striving for Excellent Leadership

Don’t confuse leadership with personality, warned best-selling author and leadership expert Jim Collins in an address to delegates at GFOA’s 111th Annual Conference on May 22, 2017. Charisma is a personality trait, and leadership is not about personality – so it’s OK if a leader has what Collins calls a “charisma bypass.” In fact, he suggested that might be for the best, and that organizations need to put aside the notion that charisma necessarily leads to success. Collins’ research found that hiring a charismatic leader for CEO actually had a negative correlation with an organization’s overall success, and the best leaders were often introverted types who lead with reason instead of force of personality. What should an organization look for in a leader, then? Good one-on-one skills, good team skills, an understanding of how to lead, personal humility, and strong will. 

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Association News
Your Feedback Is Important

Thank you again to the more than 4,500 delegates who participated in this year’s conference in Denver, Colorado. If you have not yet done so, we ask that you please take a few minutes to complete this year’s conference evaluations

Plan ahead for GFOA’s 112th Annual Conference, May 6−9, 2018, at America’s Center Convention Complex in St. Louis, Missouri! Registration will open in the fall. Submit a topic/speaker for the conference. For information about St. Louis, visit Explore St. Louis.

Learn Important Developments in Accounting, Budgeting, and Investing

GFOA training is coming to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in July! Register for one or more of the following courses, July 18−21, at the Hilton Minneapolis:

Save 10% on the registration fee when you sign up and pay in full by June 16. If you register with three or more colleagues for the same seminar, you will receive 10% off of each registration fee. (To receive the group discount, registrations must be received and paid together. This discount cannot be applied to online training registrations.) 

Register today! (Registration form / Online)

A block of rooms has been reserved for GFOA attendees at the Hilton Minneapolis. Based on availability, GFOA’s group rate is valid until June 26. Click here for more information about available rates.

To learn about activities in the city, visit Meet Minneapolis. If you have any questions about GFOA’s training seminars, contact GFOA

For additional training opportunities, go to GFOA’s training schedule.

News Links
State of Illinois Investigating Potential of Blockchain

The State of Illinois has undertaken five blockchain use cases. “Blockchain to me is our next interoperable platform that needs to be put into place to really enable effective business and citizen electronic interactions,” Illinois CTO Mike Wons told GCN. The projects address property deed management, credentialing for student transcripts, PII certification for health care providers, clean energy, and vital records.

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Local Governments Plan Website Improvements over Next Five Years

Websites remain the most popular form of digital communication for local governments, according to “What’s Next in Digital Communications for Local Government.” Both county and municipal respondents reported being happy with their websites, but nearly all recognized areas for improving effectiveness (although 73% of respondents predicted that they will be highly effective in five years). Effectiveness is hampered by limited citizen engagement, navigation challenges, and mobile-ready design issues. Respondents also see the need for improved citizen engagement weighs heavily on the minds of survey respondents, which has many local governments looking to social media. Other areas for improvement include government accessibility and the use of analytics to improve the citizen experience.

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Learning to Confront Shifting Baseline Syndrome

Shifting Baseline Syndrome describes the acceptance of changes in baseline measures in a system over time, and the concept has implication for leaders. “Instead of doing the right thing or the difficult thing, we shift the baseline,” according to Government Executive. “In our organizations, once an ethical gray zone is crossed, the baseline shifts to tolerate decisions and actions that previously would be deemed wrong or inappropriate.” To shift the baseline in the right direction, the article offers this advice to leaders:

  • Expect more of yourself and hold yourself accountable.
  • Show that you care.
  • Have an open-door policy for everyone.
  • Give your trust and don’t demand that people earn it first.
  • Flex and accept and leverage differences.
  • Reset ethical boundaries to right or wrong, not maybe.
  • Study your organization’s values and apply them consistently, every day.
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