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December 22, 2016
Executive Board Nominating Committee Seeks Input

The GFOA Executive Board Nominating Committee is seeking recommendations for candidates to fill five at-large positions and the position of president-elect for the 2017-2018 GFOA Executive Board. All candidates must be active GFOA members. Please send nominations by December 31, 2016, to Heather Johnston, Past President, c/o GFOA, 203 N. LaSalle St., Ste. 2700, Chicago, IL 60601-1210.

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Association News
Awards for Excellence Deadline Extended

Share your best ideas with GFOA. Has your government come up with an innovative way of funding its pension liabilities? Recently completed a pioneering project with a demonstrated positive economic impact? Created investing policies and practices for public funds? Or perhaps your financial transparency project has taken a groundbreaking approach to helping stakeholders access financial information? Developed inventive technology for budgeting, or citizen portals and links to back-office systems? Whatever area your government has excelled in, we invite you to share your innovations with GFOA by submitting an application for the 2016 Awards for Excellence.

Winning GFOA’s Award for Excellence is an honor — the highest level of professional acknowledgement within the public finance profession today. Winners also can be proud that their creativity and innovation will provide examples for other jurisdictions to follow, promoting best practices in government finance.

The deadline for entries has been extended to January 20, 2017.

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No Newsletter Next Week

The next issue of the GFOA Newsletter will be published January 5, 2017. Happy holidays!

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Looking at State Auto-IRA Programs, Financial Self-Sufficiency

State auto-IRA programs for private-sector workers are intended to pay for themselves, a goal that can be achieved in the long run, although auto-IRAs will incur losses initially, according to research from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. The keys to financial self-sufficiency for workers are keeping per-account costs low; setting meaningful participant contribution rates; and charging higher fees initially or financing start-up costs over a longer period.

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Six Features Help Make Open Government Work

State and local governments have many hopes for open government; improving public services, expanding public knowledge of governmental processes, saving public money, and making government more participatory and inclusive. A new report from Brookings assesses the evidence as to whether those hopes are being achieved and presents six features of open government programs with the highest likelihood of success.

Effective programs have clearly identified the principals they were trying to achieve and publicized information that was important and accessible to those principals. In addition, the principals could either respond meaningfully on their own, or they could do so with the support of government officials, or they could do so through a coordinated effort by the principals to change the behavior of their representatives in government.

The report also highlights the need for more rigorous evaluation and offer three primary recommendations for the next generation of research: to confront selection bias in open government research, to increase attention to the political mobilizations that make open government possible, and to ensure that research addresses both the initial implementation and the sustainability of open government successes.

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